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Bariatric surgery databases

Bariatric database

Dendrite Clinical Systems Ltd is a specialist supplier of clinical databases, analysis software and publishing services for the international healthcare sector

Using clinical data to improve your clinical practice

Clinical databases are an essential tool for every healthcare institution - the ability of healthcare professionals to record, access and analyse clinical data is crucial for the delivery of effective and safe patient care, analysis, research and audit.

The establishment of large patient-based registries for specific diseases, clinical specialties and procedures is becoming commonplace (1) in all aspects of healthcare. Registries are having an increasingly profound (2) influence on clinical practice, enabling clinicians to better understand the behaviour of patient sub-groups, with respect to disease progression and response to therapeutic intervention.

These registries are also driving forward the economic benefits (3) of investing in clinical databases as they are not only proving clinical effectiveness, but cost effectiveness.

By providing clinicians with the tools they need to assess their outcomes, this in turn empowers hospitals, clinical departments and clinicians to make the correction decisions concerning treatment and maximising clinical accountability and responsibility. 

Dendrite’s Bariatric Surgery Database

Our Bariatric Surgery Database is one of Dendrite’s most successful products. It can facilitate clinical workflow, analysis and research at a national level, as well as locally in hospital departments or clinical practice.

It can be modified for local practice and integrated with other clinical systems. With just the click of a button you can track all your bariatric surgery cases with ease and recall any record almost instantly.

Dendrite’s innovative clinical database:

  • Allows the tracking of procedures and outcomes from all type of bariatric procedures (including gastric bands, balloons, Roux-en-Y, gastric sleeve, duodenal switch & BPD)
  • Details tracking of comorbid conditions
  • Facilitates longitudinal follow-up
  • Automatically identifies follow-up breaches
  • Reduces the workload by automating production of patient reports, operation notes and follow-up letters
  • Creates graphs displaying Excess Weight Loss  over time
  • Links to hospital systems to pre-populate demographic fields
  • Maintains patient anonymity and confidentiality (safe and secure)

Powered by our innovative “Intellect Web” technology, the software can be accessed using a standard web browser, allowing users to enter data without the need to install additional software or perform any complex system configurations. The system allows the clinicians to enter patient information onto a database whether in hospital, from an office-based practice or even at home.

Dendrite’s innovative, flexible Bariatric Surgery Database produces automated discharge summaries and operation note, which will enable you to produce clinical documents automatically at the point of care.

With our innovative ‘Upload my Data’ function, it is quick to submit data from a local/hospital database to a national registry.

Additional features of the Bariatric Surgery Database include:

  • Import Manager Module allows the importation and merging of legacy data from a variety of different database systems.
  • easy to use and does not require extensive knowledge or training.
  • "Export my Data" – this feature allows users to extract their submitted data at any time to report/perform their own analysis. This ensures registrants have at all times easy access to their own data.
  • A "Download Document" option that allows users to download pdf. copies of the dataset questions, training manuals and other useful information.

The software is able produce comprehensive reports as it has been built to handle huge volumes of data, with an inherent speed and flexibility that makes the system useful and productive on a day-to-day basis for end users.

The system is designed to deliver fast, accurate and detailed answers to clinical questions.

As a result of utilising Dendrite’s Bariatric Surgery Database, the First National Bariatric Surgery Report (NBSR) was published in March 2011.

The NBSR is the result of a unique collaboration between ALSGBI (Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland), AUGIS (Association of Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery), BOMSS (British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society). The report is the first comprehensive, prospective, nationwide analysis of outcomes from bariatric surgery in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  1. Lawson et al. Linkage of a clinical surgical registry with Medicare inpatient claims data using indirect identifiers. Surgery; November 2012
  2. Paxton et al. Kaiser Permanente national total joint replacement registry: Aligning operations with information technology. Clin Orthop Relat Res. Published online ahead of print July 23, 2010
  3. Bridgewater et al. Maintaining Patients' Trust: Modern Medical Professionalism 2011

Click here to read a news article from the NBSR

Dendrite Clinical Systems Ltd is a leading supplier of clinical database systems, analysis software and publishing services for the international healthcare sector.  The company’s client base extends across 250 hospitals in 43 different countries. Dendrite has a unique track record of successfully implementing over 110 national and international databases around the world, including a global registry running concurrently in 15 languages.

For further information please contact:

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Senior Medical Advisor
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